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Small oval, round and square panels etc, manufactured in 0.3 and 0.6 mm thick, 1050 H14 aluminium with a 6-mm diameter. We are able to design panels in accordance with our clients’ instructions.

We also have very strong transparent plastic sheaths for ten of our sample panels 100 x 50 x 0.6 mm. With the option to include one for every face (20 panels per sheath).

Catalogue preparation and make-up for sample collections, client samples, product coding, etc. They can be held in a standard four-ring binder.

MULTI-PLATE 1000x1000

Multi-plates for any type of catalogue make-up type, triptych, sample dispatch, fan-style sample collections etc. In this way, your clients, distributors and branch offices etc will obtain a sample in actual colour and finishes in the case of martelé decoration, embossing, texturised, wood effect, etc.
Multiplaca 1000x1000
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We prepare all types of paint catalogues for companies. Catalogues in triptych, diptych and single-sheet, bound or in a ring binder.
At EspanColor, we take care of all or part of the production, preparation and finishing processes for your catalogue:

  • Manufacture of made-to-measure multi-plates in the correct number for your catalogue.
  • Catalogue design.
  • Catalogue printing.
  • Multi-plate painting.
  • Handling and assembly.

Using our multi-plates, we make up sample collections in fan-style for all types of coverings and finishes that are customised with your company’s name, logo and address.
EspanColor will advise you on the choice of multi-plate for colour samples, sample collection production and printing, painting, handling, assembly and labelling, etc.
Please do not hesitate to consult us for the best option for your company according to your requirements.

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