Hiding power panels


Tin plate panels lithographed in black and white to measure the covering power of powder coatings, paints, varnishes and other coatings.

These panels are manufactured using a neutral white, especially designed to resist high temperatures.


Carbon steel and aluminium panels for BIK Gardner Gradient Ovens.

Panels for BYK Gardner oven

Panels for abrasion Taber


Carbon steel and aluminium panels for “TABER” Abrasion machine, with rounded corners and a 6,5 – 8 mm. hole in the middle.


This type of panel with angles of 45º and 90º has been designed to simulate cavities which are found in doors, drawers, wavy profiles, etc. It is used to carry out tests and to evaluate different systems of application of coatings, such as: The weight capacity of a product or application system, the Faraday effect on systems of electro-deposition, thicker film weight on outside surfaces, corrosion points in the cavities and inside folds.


Curve Panels

Curve panels

Curve Panels in aluminium and others kinds of metal. These panels are been designed to simulate and test the applications over curve pieces (cars applications and many others).


This flat panel with neat holes simulates flat body surfaces where trim mouldings are mounted. Its special configuration is used to evaluate sagging and run down properties of paint. Its specific configuration is used to evaluate the resistance to sagging and dripping of the coating. It is also used to see the variations in thickness of the film produced by the sliding of the liquid film.

Sag Flat Panels

Sag Panels Powder Coatings

SAG PANELS Powder coatings

These are flat panels with four cavities in which the powder coating is deposited to carry out tests for sagging. This panel is reversible and can be used for up to 4 tests. It comes with an engraved ruler for measuring. On special request we can supply a base with two angles of inclination (45º and 90º) to carry out the tests.


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