Multipanel Sheets

Aluminium panels for the manufacture of sample catalogues, customers’ samples, product codification, end of production controls, etc.


The Multipanel sheets are normally manufactured in Aluminium, but can also be made in other metals, such as Carbon Steel, Galvanized or Stainless Steel.

On request, we can design panels to meet the requirements of our customers and can vary the inside and/or the outside measurements in order to adapt to any individual customer’s coating or control requirements. (Coating lines, laboratory ovens, samples, etc.).

Application advantages

You obtain a uniform coating on all the panels.
The drying of the panels is the same for all of them, thus obtaining an identical colour and gloss.
Less time in coating the panels for larger quantities of samples obtained.
  • Multipanel
  • Multipanel
  • Multipanel
  • Multipanel
  • Multipanel


They are designed to your conventional oven drying in any laboratory. Designed for making samples in small scale laboratory.


In order to perform laboratory tests to verify the application requiring the coating in this way.

Multiplaca Curvado


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